The Future of
Digital Health

2022 Health Care Innovation Predictions

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to greatly accelerate the transition to digital health year over year. 

As patients, many of us are no longer sitting in a doctor’s office or waiting in line to collect prescription medications at a brick-and-mortar drugstore.  It is starting to feel like the norm to find services and solutions on our own time and location - leading to a “care anywhere model”. 

As providers, technology has pushed us to innovate and disrupt health care services as we learn to embrace the ‘new normal’ to better serve patients through digital companion solutions, telemedicine, or leveraging AI-solution for more informed clinical decision making. 

In this year’s edition of The Future of Digital Health, a report by BCG Digital Ventures, we delve into what industry leaders must know in order to navigate the changing means and modes of health care delivery. 

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to greatly accelerate the transition to digital health year over year. Leaders must be able to adapt, innovate, and rapidly implement digital solutions with the appropriate digital talent, thoughtful data strategy, and careful consideration on how best to navigate the overall healthcare ecosystem.

We look forward to discussing these insights with you, and to working with you to shape what’s coming for health care innovation in 2022.

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BCG Digital Ventures' 2022 Health Care Predictions

Here is a preview of the insights from our multidisciplinary team of digital health experts:


Direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies are the next winning model
COVID has triggered an increased interest in the availability of home testing, preventative care, and diagnostics across the board. We expect to see a continued uptick in the rollout of DTC business models, covering not only home health care products but also a variety of services, including preventative care, prescription medications, dental care, vision, hearing, and more.


New and non-traditional entrants in the health care space
We also predict an increase in emerging partnerships across traditional and non-traditional health care companies, especially around specific therapeutic areas such as mental health and women’s health, to name just two. There is a growing opportunity for new players to enter the market and for existing players to reevaluate their strategies— whether by providing care for general needs or by making specialized offerings available to address specific consumer demands.


Tech juggernauts will continue to disrupt the digital health industry
In 2022, we will see technology players (e.g., Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft) continue to provide options for supporting the health care ecosystem and enabling providers to focus on problems not platforms.

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